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Igor Labzin

Saturday 14 May 2016 03:45 GMT

Boris Labzin Australia was the end of a long journey since Boris’ departure from St Petersburg in 1918 at the age of 22. He fought with the White Russian forces during the Civil War, before escaping from Vladivostok in October 1922. From the Philippines, he moved to Shanghai where he met Vera, a White Russian. They lived there and Boris became a ship’s captain. Due to the chaotic course of events, they then found themselves temporarily in Surabaya. They were never able to return to Shanghai and lost their land and apartment there. They lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, until 1962 when, due to the increasingly turbulent times, they immigrated to Australia. However, life in Australia was challenging, especially with regard to employment. They brought many of their precious family belongings and Russian books. Read more in “Russia & Revolution: My Father, The Officer, The Man” by Igor Labzin at

Mira Hrnjacki

Wednesday 11 November 2015 02:31 GMT

My parents, Gligorije and Angelina arrived in Australia in 1983 with their then my then three-year-old older brother Sinisa. They came from Krusedol Prnjavor, a small farming village about 70km north of Belgrade in what is today part of Serbia. Gligorije (Greg) answered an advertisement for skilled work in Australia and brought his young family to Sydney. I was born in 1988. Greg, Angelina and Sinisa became Australian citizens in 1995. The Australian branch of the Hrnjacki family expanded after Sinisa met his wife Sladjana and they had two children, daughter Danijela and son Stefan.


Monday 21 April 2014 10:28 GMT

My mother Agapi Mavridou (Galina Slykovskia) born in Yalta (Russia) in 1935 one of 4 sisters. She came to Australia after fleeing Russia at her age of 8 with her mother and 2 sisters. The journey was amazing a story of leaving Russia and travelling first by carriage to Sevastopol then boat to Constanta Romania and train to Mistelbach in Austria and then walking to Schwenningen in Germany. From there they were flown in an army helicoper to Greece where they had family and when mum was 14 in 1949 they came to Australia as refugees. She has never been back to Yalta she really wants to see her birth place and although Australia is her home she misses her roots and longs to know where she came from. Next year we will take her home for her 80th then she may be able to put the pieces of her life back to together and feel that she belongs somewhere. It is hard to imagine being 8 and seeing the life of an 8 year old living how they did in the war.

Fran Taylor

Sunday 02 February 2014 14:15 GMT

I came to Australia from Helensburgh, a wee town on the west coast of Scotland, as a 10 pound pom in 1966, although because I was only 18, I actually came free! I sailed into Sydney after a wonderful 5 week voyage on the RHMS Ellenis, and can remember being awed at the sight of the Harbour Bridge, and the not-yet-completed Opera House. One of my first impressions of Sydney was how blue the sky was, and how all of the houses seemed to have brightly coloured roofs. Having grown up with granite/stone buildings and slate tiles, all grey, it was unbelievably bright and cheerful. My parents and brother followed me out in 1974, and we all became proud Aussies in due course.

Jeff M Weeks

Friday 31 January 2014 05:47 GMT

Mary Prideaux & William Weeks both emigrated on the " Phoebe " to Adelaide in 1847 where they subsequently married as 19 & 21 year olds. William Weeks from 1859 the " Horseshoe " ( because of the shape of the Onkaparinga River &or " Horseshoe " Reef ) later known as the ( Old ) Port Noarlunga via the South Australia Company, ( also Maj O'Halloran " Lizard Lodge " 1839 - 1870 ; Thomas Porter " Glenthorne Estate " 1878 ; George Brookman 1900 ) ; possibly also the building of the Limestone road from the " Horseshoe " later known as Port Noarlunga to Port Victor later known as Victor Harbour

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